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Patel blinds – Your one-stop solution!
Feb 06, 2024

Patel blinds – Your one-stop solution!

Patel blinds - Your one-stop solution!

At Australia's Cheapest Blinds store, we specialize in premium, custom-made, and cost-effective products for domestic and commercial use. Our experience that spans over 14 years has enabled us to mix genuine craftsmanship with the highest precision to offer an unbeatable quality of living and control of light as well as privacy and design to your home. We recognize that families across Australia are constantly facing increasing expenses and blinds should not be among the reasons. This is why we work hard to meet our highest standards for the most affordable price. Be it the most up-to-date patterns and materials or a speedier and more effective method of meeting our clients with their ever-changing requirements At Australia's Cheapest Blinds we're always Helping you to create the perfect appearance for your home!

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In these styles, you'll have alternatives for every (cheap) price. Starting with the cheapest blinds, and then moving to more extravagant blinds that you can still get at a reasonable cost.

1. Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds are made up of fabric composed of a single piece of fabric hanging from a railing. They feature a weighted lower bar that keeps them in place while closed.
  • As opposed to Venetian blinds there aren't any slats in roller blinds, so they are completely dark. If you choose an opaque blackout liner and then put fillers along the edges of the window, you won't have any light leaking into your space. But, because there aren't any slats on the blinds, you'll have two options to control the light that is open or closed. You can't let a tiny bit of light through.
  • Roller blinds that block out light are perfect additions to any bedroom or TV room. If you're in the room, they'll guarantee you sleep in a quiet space, even when the tiniest bit of light disturbs your sleep. In the living room, they'll block your eyes off the television when you plan to watch a marathon of your favorite movie at the end of your day.
  • If you don't want any darkness in your space, look for blinds with fabric that filter light. These fabrics let light through although the blinds remain closed. This lets you enjoy the sunlight without having to sacrifice privacy.
  • There are also roller blinds with adorable designs which can enhance your décor. The cost of solid color fabrics is generally lower than print fabrics, however, roller blinds are a budget-friendly alternative in both cases.
  • For one meter by the one-millimeter window, blinds made of rollers start at PS41.99.

2. Sheer Curtains

  • You can have a more stylish interior By Adding Stylish Sheer Curtains
  • Bring elegance to your home design with the latest elegant sheer curtains by Patel Blinds. The semi-transparent fabric and stunning style add elegance to your interior. If you're trying to change the look of your home, put up these stylish sheer curtains from us to give your home a chic revamp.

3. Plantation Shutters

  • Blinds made of faux wood are a type of Venetian blinds. The slats of faux wooden blinds tend to be larger than those of Venetians. Venetian blinds made of faux wood can be purchased with slats that measure 35mm or 50mm and the wider slats offer better block out light when the curtains are shut. While they're not completely blackout, the 50mm slats offer the greatest light-darkening properties for any Venetian blind blocking the majority of light.
  • It's a lot cheaper than real wood yet it has the same timeless design. It's constructed from PVC with an affected wood texture. These high-end fake wooden Venetian blinds appear like authentic wooden Venetian blinds. They are available in the same range of colors ranging from light to deep walnut.
  • These beautiful window blinds provide elegant style to your living room, dining area, or kitchen. They look stunning when placed in windows with bays. PVC is abrasion-resistant material and, unlike wood, it is possible to make use of these blinds in humid areas like bathrooms.
  • For one meter by the one-millimeter window, Plantation Shutters begin at PS58.99.

4. Block Curtains

  • They can reduce the amount of light and noise, and their appearance of sophistication and class blackout curtains have for a long time been a favorite option for bedrooms and formal dining spaces.
  • Block out Curtains offer excellent privacy, light control and can reduce noise from outside that allows you to quickly and effectively manage your surroundings according to the time of day as well as your personal mood.

5. Venetian Blinds

  • The Venetian blinds are constructed from thin slats generally 25mm wide hanging from a headrail via a cord. The thin slats permit the blinds to be able to maintain a slim profile when they are opened. They are stacked very compactly over the top of the window frame, making the window blinds an ideal alternative for sliding doors or patio doors. If you'd like them to be away from view then they'll be.
  • Venetian blinds offer the most effective lighting control for every window covering. You can adjust them to any position and also tilt the slats so that they direct light to your space.
  • But, due to the thin slats that are used on the shutters, they do not completely block light. A little natural light can sneak into the slats as well as on the edges of blinds. They're a good option for the living area as well as the kitchen and bathroom however, they're not ideal for bedrooms (unless you're someone who prefers to wake up with some natural light).
  • Venetian Blinds can be an extremely durable alternative. They are resistant to moisture, which means they are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, they can withstand extremely hot temperatures which is why they are ideal for blinds for conservatories. Venetian Blinds are available in a wide range of colors including bright greens and blues to neutral greys and whites.
  • For 1 meter by 1 meters window, the Venetian Blinds start at PS36.99.

6. Vertical Blinds

  • Vertical blinds are made of vanes rather than slats. The long pieces of fabric are suspended vertically from the headrail. Each vane is equipped with the bottom of the vane weighted and must be joined to hold the blinds in position.
  • Vertical blinds can be opened by sliding towards the side of the window frame, instead of moving towards the top. Since they open on the sides, they are the ideal choice for sliding windows or doors that open to the side. They are also ideal for wide windows. Vertical blinds can measure as wide as 400cm and completely cover windows with one group of blinds.
  • The vanes of vertical blinds, just like Venetian blinds' slats give you superior control over light. You can tilt the vanes to allow light to enter your space even when the shades are shut. Contrary to Venetian blinds vertical blinds come with a blackout lining which means they provide complete darkness to sleep in a cozy space.
  • For 1 meter by 1 meters window span, blinds vertical begin at PS45.99.

7. Roman Blinds

  • We've been guilty of enjoying champagne on the budget of a beer. If you're planning to cut costs, it doesn't mean that you cannot achieve what you desire. Roman blinds are among the most lavish blinds that are available. Made of top-quality fabrics with solids and prints These blinds combine the elegant look of curtains, but the ease of blinds.
  • While roman blinds with a low price are more expensive than roller or Venetian blinds, it is possible to get affordable designs that are high-end quality. Roman blinds also help you save money over time. The window treatment comes with a thermal lining that keeps outside temperatures out while keeping the inside temperature inside -thus reducing energy consumption and saving you the cost of your electric bill.


  • Great control of light Privacy, light control, and a reduction in outside noise levels
  • Fantastic insulator throughout the year and will save you energy and money
  • Create an illusion of height the room
  • Bring value to your house
  • Make your own design by choosing the fabric, style, and accessories
  • Mix and match trims, fabrics, and fabrics over all your furniture and accessory pieces to make a seamless style for your home's interior.